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From Volunteer to Program Manager

Andrea Buckman first started as a volunteer with LHWRP in 2007. She later became an LHWRP staff member and did everything from field work to outreach, admin, grant writing, project coordination, and now she is managing the program. She has worn almost every LHWRP hat there is, and continues to wear numerous ones simultaneously!

Dr. Clifford Morden, LHWRPʻs Principal Investigator, made a special trip to Maui to award Andrea the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaiʻi (RCUH) Certificate of Achievement for her 10+ years of hard work and dedication to LHWRP and to conservation in Hawaiʻi. Congratulations, Andrea! Mahalo for all that you do for LHWRP and the ʻāina!

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