LHWRP’s mission is to work with partners across landowner boundaries to protect native ecosystems and benefit the biological, cultural, economic, and water resources found within.



Since its founding in 2003, the Partnership has initiated or facilitated watershed management, research and volunteer opportunities on much of this landscape. LHWRP and its partners maintain a comprehensive management approach that integrates professional watershed management practices with scientific and cultural research, outreach, and environmental education. 


We would like to thank all of the LHWRP landowners for their inspiration and vision to restore and preserve  the leeward forests and who graciously allow us access to their lands, our supporting partners who provide us with guidance, fiscal necessities and the dedication that helps us implement our restoration management plans, and the Maui community whose participation helps inspire us to continue to work towards our goals and ensures that unique and beautiful areas of Maui, will continue to be protected for generations to come.


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