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Using technology to "make it rain" for Leeward Haleakala

LHWRP has been working to develop a new educational tool that is hands on and 3D! Originally developed by the University of California at Davis (UC Davis), the ARSandbox is a real-time, interactive educational tool that allows the user to create a "land mass" by shaping the sand in the sandbox. The projector mounted above uses augmented reality software to project an elevation color map, topography contour lines and simulated water onto the sand below. The user can make it "rain" and watch how the water collects and flows down to the "ocean" with simple hand movements.

LHWRP received generous grants from the Atherton Family Foundation and the Laurence H. Dorcy Hawaiian Foundation which are managed by Tri-Isle Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc., to produce an ARSandbox for LHWRP's outreach program.

For more information on the ARSandbox, please visit:

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