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Upcoming Events

Volunteers go into the field for daylong trips with knowledgeable leaders to plant trees, remove non-native species, and collect seeds. Volunteers must wear boots with over-the-ankle support due to rugged terrain and be prepared to take a 45 minute 4-wheel drive ride over rocky roads. We spend the day working hard, sometimes in the sun, sometimes in the mist at 3,000 to 5,000 feet elevation. Please respect the many hours of work and precious places we restore by making sure your boots, backpacks and clothes are free from weed seeds often in mud stuck in crevices. Participants should be in good shape and be able to walk up to a mile over uneven terrain. Despite all these requirements we promise to put you in the care of dedicated, responsible, and trained experts in forest restoration who happen to be invaluable resources as some of the state’s leading experts in ethnobotany, Hawaiian natural history and land management.

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